Thursday, 12 March 2009

Cold Turkey Montage

This montage of our film shows the representation of a gritty presentation of shots which is created from the clothes of the characters in hoodies, tracksuits etc. as well as the colour of a darker atmosphere with the strong colours of red coming through. With the locations and setting of a typical shop and a more run down summerhouse to show a more grimey stylised drug den and British shop.


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Rough Cut Feedback

Our rough cut was lacking in much of the vital features that make a good film opening such as :

- Soundtrack
- Voice-over
- Production Logo
- Finished Editing

The groups feedback picked up on this and much of there points helped us to strengthen our film opening. Our final piece lasted a lot longer, had a synchronized soundtrack to what was happening on screen as well as a relevant voice-over to what was happening on screen which made the film fit together really well.

Also from watching other peoples production logos we realised that ours needed to be much better so we scrapped our original idea and started again. We came up with something much more relevant to our production name in terms of visual and sound.


Character analysis

Character Analysis

We decided to base our characters with the similarity to Trainspotting's characters Renton and Spud as the scene ralates with our running scene. Our clothing is quite different towards trainspotting as our clothing isnt as mature and a bit more stylised towards Kidulthood character clothing, but our acting and character actions are a lot similar to Trainspotting with a bit more stylised narrative and actions but based upon the same style and look.


Cold Turkey


Monday, 9 March 2009

Cold Turkey

This is our Final cut and finished product.

Cold Turkey

Monday, 2 March 2009


Things that need to be included:

- our sound which is done but we didn't manage to include it in time.
- we need to include a voice over as its a main part of explaining our video.
- we also need to include titles such as director as well as our production logo.

Group feedback:


Monday, 9 February 2009

Locations List

The locations we will be using in our british social realist drama will be:

- SummerHouse
- Max's House
- Happy Shopper
- Public Areas Of Newmarket


Shot List

the shots we would be using would be a range to hopefully show more of the British social realism style, these would include;

- long shot
- medium shot
- close up
- track shot
- pan shot
- worms eye view